Window on the World

Window on the World is a collection of images taken by the photographer David Usill over 35 years. This site offers pictures principally for Editorial and Fine Art purposes although, where the subject matter does not require model or property releases, they can be available for the world of advertising. The date that appears in the meta data for the older material is the scanning date and not the shooting date. Where this matters greatly there is an origination date included in the meta data. All digital images carry the date of shooting the picture.

Most of these images were shot on medium format fine grain transparency film stock for maximum clarity and detail. They are then scanned on a Hasselblad Flextight X5 machine to fit the clients requirements. This service is the best way for the images to be made available as the majority of our clients use these as large key images or very large prints for display.

For the last year I have been shooting the pictures on a Hasselblad high resolution medium format digital camera. Digital resolutions have now reached a point where they provide a suitable alternative to film with one of the added advantage of being able to check the picture while on location. The thrill of getting the film back from processing has gone but the occasional disaster - Cuban X-ray machines in 1985 fogging a whole shoot- and the constant quest for hand search at customs means a more relaxed start and finish to a location shoot.

Window on the World has been a member of the British Association of Picture Libraries, BAPLA, for over 20 years. If we do not have the images you are after please follow the link to the BAPLA site by clicking on the Logo.

All images on the site are protected by the Digimarc process and are strictly copyright controlled. Absolutely no unauthorised downloading from this site is allowed.