Shadow Gap
Aluminium Subframe

Window on the World is presenting this selection of images by the photographer David Usill as fine art limited edition prints. The photographs are all high resolution colour images from a collection built up over 30 years. 

Each print is signed and numbered, offered in one size only and limited to short production runs.   

They are selected from the Window on the World® image library and, by becoming part of the fine art production, will not be offered for sale as prints after the edition is sold. The images will be available for editorial reproduction in magazines or other forms of publishing.

All the prints are made in my studio using Epson’s 10 colour UltraChrome HDR (High Dynamic Range) ink set for quality and long life. 

All the prints are mounted between a sheet of Perspex and a Dibond sheet. Dibond is a relatively lightweight, yet very rigid aluminium composite material, made from a grey polyethylene core bonded between two outer skins of thin aluminium.

To give a floating effect, or shadow gap, from the wall the final object has a subframe that allows the print to be directly hung on the wall. This modern method of mounting has the advantage of displaying the photograph without the need for a frame. It also protects the print from dirt and scratching.

These mounted prints can be put in conventional frames but, as these photographs are printed full out, there will be a slight loss of image at the edges in the rebate of the frame. 

Contact us by using the Make an Enquiry link on each Print page. We will then be able to discuss delivery schedules and quote for the cost of the print, post and packaging. 

Copyright of all of these images will remain with the photographer.

Under no circumstances must these photographs be copied or reproduced without written permission from Window on the World Limited.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these images please contact 

David Usill

Window on the World Limited

Telephone: 020 7622 8888