Slide Library

What is around the next corner? 

I have been making pictures since I can remember, working on the premise that everything is worth photographing. Serendipity plays a large part in my work as most of my subjects are captured while wandering about.

The colour library is a personal look at the world focusing on shooting images for my print gallery and library. If I have a specialisation then aerial pictures taken from the Studio Hot Air Balloon and images of the competitive sport of flying a balloon are worth highlighting. Favourite locations all over the world are graveyards, food markets, agriculture, architecture, animals, seascapes and landscapes.

My library has been built up over 30 years of professional location photography, created using medium format fine grain transparency film stock, with the aim of supplying premium images for publication.  From this archive I scan to order from requests from the website. My new material is shot on high resolution digital cameras, continuing my quest for colourful, sharp, quality images.

Art Directors, Interior Designers, Travel Companies, Record Companies and Graphic Designers use my work. I do not have everything but I may have what you need.

 Photographer David Usill

News and New Locations

Latest locations added to the library and future trips.

Print Gallery

This section of the website offers photographs for sale as 'fine art images'. The images are restricted to one size only prints for each small limited edition. They are printed and signed by myself and mounted using perspex and aluminium sheet to produce a quality object for long life, protection of the image and ease of display.

Photographic commissions

I work on locations around the world when I am not shooting material for the gallery or slide library. If you would like to discuss a project please do so using the contact page.